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Motocross at Brookethorpe - Owlnet Photography

Motocross at Brookethorpe

Motocross at Brookethorpe

British Schoolboys Motocross Championship, Brookethorpe, Gloucestershire, UK

Don’t let the title fool you, its for Girls too

I spent this morning taking images at the Bridgestone British Schoolboys Motocross Championship.  Interesting title as  “its for girls too”.  Anyway, its quite refreshing to get out and watch this sport.  Not because its a bunch of motorcycles racing around a hilly track, but because its refreshing to see youngster out enjoying themselves.  That’s right, young people, not only that, girls take part also.   As a father of two daughters and a grandfather of four granddaughters, that makes me proud to see girls taking part in, what used to be, a male dominated sport.

And it’s not just that girls take part, it the age of some of the riders there.  I spoke to a mother who was worried about her young son’s first race!  The little lad is six years old, yes, you read that right, he is SIX. There were a lot of others in his race, which ranged from six to eight year olds.  He did quite well for his first race, good for him.

This is the sort of thing young people should be doing! Getting out in the fresh air and enjoying themselves.  It does not need to be Motocross, there are lots of other things they could be doing.  Other than sitting at their game consoles, mobile phone or tablet, surfing the internet or watching TV.  They should be out in the fresh air having fun.  That is what these parents are doing with their youngsters at this Motocross event.

Parents need to make more time for their children and get them interested in outdoor activities.  For some it too easy to sit them down at a computer and let them get on with it.  There always seems to be an excuse, they are far too busy, its far to dangerous, their children don’t want to do it.   My question is, “Have they tried?”.  It seems a lot are far to busy with their own lives to spend time with their children.

In some, but not all cases, you can blame the Corporations which expect long hours from their staff, or the need for both parents to work long hours just to put bread on the table.  But time still needs to be spend with the children in their lives.  They still need to be shown there is a world outside of the Internet, one in which both child and parent can have fun.

Now I will get off my soapbox and tell you the images will be coming soon 🙂

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