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About Owlnet Photography

Owlnet Photography Webpages are  dedicated to my beautiful Katherine – 5/1/1957 to 29/11/2014

“Someday  we’ll be together” – Diana Ross & The Supremes

Hi Peeps

My passion for photography came from my father who was ship’s photographer on HMS Bulolo, the Command & Control Ship for the D-Day Landings.  He inspired his sons to take an interest by showing us some remarkable pictures from WWII and afterwards.

My photography lapsed for a long while when I left the Services in the mid 90s as I found it hard to find the time and work for a living.  I had a growing family to support.

I did not pick up a camera seriously again until 2009 and the bug hit me again.  Since then I have seriously improved my images by becoming a member of a Camera Club and looking at, and discussing, other people’s images.

The Enforcer A Self Portrait

Having retired from the IT Industry and got bored, I now own a Studio in Cheltenham and have become a Freelance Photographer.

I have placed some of my images here for you to enjoy.  As you will see, my genre covers a broad spectrum.  Basically, I will photography anything and everything, and am improving with “every step I take”

Regards =8^}


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