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Photography and Art

Photography and Art

Nature is a revelation of God; Art is a revelation of man

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Just after I got my DSLR for Christmas 2009, I went hunting for any camera bits I had left over from my “Regimental Photographer “ days in the Army.  I found my old box of flashguns which consisted of a main gun and two small ones, plus remote triggers and cables. Now these were bought back in the early 80’s so I was not very hopeful that they would still work.  I cleaned them up anyway and gave them a try! To my amazement, it all functioned properly, so I had a play around with the main flashgun attached to the Nikon D5000.

While playing I took the photograph Of Bertie, Mr Dog to his friends, our six year old boxer. He’s laid in his favourite place at the top of the stairs and I had just woken him up.Photography of Bertie

It’s not what you would call a competition winning image but Kathy liked it a lot. I had thought about working on it in photoshop and printing on canvas.

Well, we were visiting the Arts & Crafts market in Cheltenham the following summer,when Kathy spotted a stall which took photographs and turned them into oil paintings. Now “She who must be obeyed” had been wanting a painting of Bertie done ever since we got him. You see, we have one of our previous dog “Tammy”.  She was quite tactful when she hinted a painting would make a lovely Christmas present. We spoke with Lisa and arranged to send her a picture to turn into a canvas.

Painting of BertieAs soon as we arrived home, Kathy suggested this picture of Bertie which I duly sent it to Lisa. The canvas was completed just before Christmas and we agreed to let Lisa show it on her stall before we collected it. Knowing it was there, I took Kathy into town to see it. I must admit, I had a small tear when I saw it and Kathy was beaming from ear to ear.  Lisa had done a marvellous job of turning my image into a real oil painting.  Thank you Lisa.

What this proves is that you don’t have to use photoshop to turn a weak image into an oil painting.  Just find someone like Lisa to work their magic on it!

Lisa has a web page which can be found at http://www.lisa-calnan-artstudio.com/index.htm.  She can also be found at the Arts & Crafts market on the Promenade Cheltenham where, I believe, she is a regular. Take a look at some of her work if you are in the area.  After all, photography and art go hand in hand, and you can learn, not only from photographic images but also from the artist.


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