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Tall Ships Festival 2015 - Owlnet Photography

Tall Ships Festival 2015

Tall Ships Festival 2015

May 25th 2015 Tall Ships Festival at Gloucester Quays, Gloucestershire, UK

On May 25th, I spent the afternoon wandering around the Tall Ships Festival at Gloucester Quays.  It was packed with thousands of visitors who came to look at the old sailing ships and visit many of the attractions there.

For me, it was primarily spending some time with three of my Granddaughters taking in the sights and possibly getting some images of the day.  I managed to achieve both.  The featured image on the Album in my portfolio is of the lovely Kate, a friend, who posed for me while on the Pirate Ship.  Her costume was made by her mother Angela, also a very good photographer and extremely competent seamstress.  This costume is one of a number Kate wore at the festival over the three days.

The highlight for me was being able to get images of the very talented Vince Freeman (http://www.vincefreeman.com) while listening to his performance.  Which by the way, was outstanding.  This was not your commercial, factory churned music, but Real Music, by a real artist.  After the performance, I purchased three of his CDs and loved every track. Intend to keep my eye open for me.  This guy should go a long way, if the music industry will let him

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