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Glos Creates - A Toxic Victorian Picnic - Owlnet Photography

Glos Creates – A Toxic Victorian Picnic

Glos Creates – A Toxic Victorian Picnic

Had my first outing with “Glos Creates“, called  “A Toxic Victorian Picnic”.

Glos Creates

“Glos Creates” is a closed Facebook group full of Togs, Models & MUAs, and I must say I had great fun, and I got some really good images.

So that's where Tywst is hiding So that’s where Tywst is hiding

Organised by fellow photographer and friend Mark, the group is a bunch of crazy people and that really showed on this themed shoot.   Spent as much time laughing as I did taking photographs.  It was an afternoon well spent with some wonderful people, all there to have some fun and make interesting images.

How Photography Should Be

This is how photography should be!   All too often, group shoots become competitive with photographers vying for the best image and afraid that another would do better, getting that competition winning image!

For me, group shoots are all about socialising, meeting like minded people, sharing ideas, collaborating  and generally having fun.

If I want to get that “Competition Winning Image” then I shoot on my own.

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